The Eight Deaths of Delphinium Gardener

"The 8 Deaths of Delphinium Gardener" is a tale about a young girl who meets an octopus at an aquarium. As it turns out, this octopus is from another world/dimension and needs to use her to get himself home. He does this by making her live eight different lives — one for each of his tentacles, which he makes her cut off and plant in the sand on the beach of purgatory after every life. When the tentacle sprouts, she is thrust into a new life.

The album tells the story of Delphinium's lives and deaths, as she struggles with the fundamental existential questions invoked along the way.

It's a dark, moody ride with elements of absurdity that take the listener through highs and lows of Delphi's experiences. Musically, the album touches on elements of the grand 1970's tradition of the concept album, mixed with modern influences: Genesis and Flaming Lips meet the Decemberists with elements of Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab.
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Long Distance Mixtape

Many years after putting out "Laundry Day," the members of Sigmund Blue, who were spread out around the country, started talking about doing a new album. The logistics of doing so soon became a simple hurdle to overcome with the advent of large file-sharing tools readily available on the internet, coupled with sophisticated home recording applications.

In the fall of 2008, Andy, Greg and Brandi decided on a concept: each member would craft a song idea and produce a 'snippet' which could include any instrumentation and any length of time. The snippet would then be passed to another member, who would then create and finish a song, inviting others to contribute and further orchestrate parts of the song. Each round of snippet exchange produced 3 songs. By the end of the project, there were 3 rounds completed with this method. A fourth round consisted of each member creating a unique song from the same snippet. Click here to hear the audio snippets that built the songs, and read the lyrics for each.

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Laundry Day

This album was recorded by Sigmund Blue in their homes over the span of a year in 1999-2000. After recording, "Laundry Day," the members broke up the band, moving away to different cities around the country. This album marks the only time Andy, Greg and Brandi were in the same room together to both write and record.

"Laundry Day," contains songs written and perfected over the existence of the band from about 1997- onward. In a few cases, some of the songs were written by the members well before they'd ever come to be in a band together.

Sigmund Blue hatched their band in Brandi's dorm room one night after meeting Andy. They began rehearsals in a cheap storage rental in the northern part of Springdale, Arkansas, which was particularly desirable because it had electricity. It wouldn't be until 1999 that Greg would join the band and forever change the course of the music. After Greg joined, they moved the rehearsals to a studio apartment and after that, one room in a three-bedroom house. Both the studio apartment and the bedroom in the house were sites of recording the album.

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