About Sigmund Blue

Formed by Brandi Parker and Andy Goodson, Sigmund Blue existed as a mutual project until the arrival of Greg Goldman in 1999. As a trio, the band circulated the mid-south, playing live and building a small following. They spent a year recording their debut album Laundry Day using digital  studio technology in their homes. They broke up shortly after. The album was released on the ill-fated MP3.com, and disappeared from public availability when that site was bought out by CNet. It is now available remastered at Acid Planet.
After 7 years apart, Sigmund Blue recorded a studio album, "Long Distance Mixtape." In the fall of 2008, a concept was hatched to create new material as a group and, if the songs were good enough, release them as an album. The concept was that each member would craft a song idea and produce a 'snippet' which could include any instrumentation and any length of time. The snippet would then be passed to another member, who would then create and finish a song, inviting others to contribute and further orchestrate parts of the song. Each round of snippet exchange produced 3 songs. By the end of the project, there were 3 rounds completed with this method. A fourth round consisted of each member creating a unique song from the same snippet.
The group just released a concept album in the 1970's progressive rock concept album tradition called, "The Eight Deaths of Delphinium Gardener." The band began work in September of 2012, and released the album on Tuesday, September 10, 2013.



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